In an ironic twist, Harper crafts election laws to serve cheats and crooks

Five Ways Harper’s “Fair Elections Act” Is Unfair

  1. Requires more voter ID which will disenfranchise an estimated 500,000 Canadians
  2. Allows more bank loans to politicians.
  3. Allows parties to hide campaign spending (2 & 3 is a recipe for corruption)
  4. Ruling party chooses election workers (kind of like handpicking your family to sit on the jury at your own murder trial)
  5.  Forces Elections Canada to keep complaints and decisions secret

Democracy Watch lists ten reasons to reject the bill.

This bill has been crafted by a political party that has broken election laws in every single election held since 2006, when Stephen Harper came to power.

Canada’s highly respected former auditor general Sheila Fraser – who blew the lid on adscam – “slams bill as attack on democracy”

The Act has been rebuked globally and 18 legal experts on elections have penned an open letter condemning the bill.

Even the Globe and Mail, which has endorsed Harper in every election since 2006 insists this bill deserves to die:
Globe editorial: The Fair Elections Act: Kill this bill

Stephen Harper vowed to make this country unrecognizable and he’s well on his way to achieving just that.

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