Harper is hoping….

…this weenie January surplus, achieved by gutting programs, services and protections, will lull us to sleep and erase in our minds…

  • the deficit he created months before the recession,
  • the recession he denied was happening after it hit,
  • the senate scandals,
  • the $50M no paper trail gazebo and fake lake to help Tony get re-elected
  • the billion dollar G8 weekend,
  • the crushing of environmental regulations protecting our water bodies,
  • the firing of top scientists
  • the gutting of Environment Canada
  • the end of the mandatory long-form census whose data is instrumental in understanding population trends
  • CPC election fraud every election,
  • his appointing Arthur Porter (who faces a long prison sentence) to head our security agency,
  • the three crooked senators he appointed,
  • his appointment of Vic Toews who called Canadians “pedophile enablers” for not supporting his warrantless spy on Canadians bill (the one the Supreme Court crushed)
  • his attempt to undermine the Supreme Court of Canada’s independence
  • the illegal cheque his Chief of Staff wrote for Duffy,
  • his ballooning of the PM security budget,
  • his ballooning of the HoC,
  • his 1500 PMO staffers who troll threads and newspapers
  • his ill-treatment of veterans,
  • his needless airlifting of limos to India at a huge expense
  • his attempt to spy on all of us without a warrant,
  • his fascist rewriting of the elections act,
  • and all the sundry crimes and incompetence of his useless “death by a thousand cold cuts” cabinet.

The above is just the tip of the iceberg that should bring down Harper’s government.

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