Kijiji Kenney’s ignorance explained

Cabinet Minister Jason Kenney said none of us know exactly what is going on in the labour market of today…”  (“Tories defend use of Kijiji data in face of opposition ridicule” – Globe and Mail, March 26, 2014)

You might think this is a profoundly embarrassing admission from the guy responsible for planning Canada’s employment strategy. You might think it simply isn’t possible for a cabinet minister responsible for the labour market to be out of the loop on the labour market. But you’d be wrong.

You see, since 2006, Stephen Harper has been steadily eroding viable information sources. He ceased funding industry sector councils that researched and reported labour market trends. He has cancelled industry surveys conducted by Statistics Canada.  In 2010 he cancelled the mandatory long form census whose data helped governments and communities plan services.  Thanks to Harper, Canadians now face an enormous data gap.

Kenney ‘not knowing’ is the direct result of Harper’s campaign to end reliable information sources.

Simply put, previous governments were informed because they funded independent research. The Harper government is uninformed because it has gutted research.

The icing on the cake is Harper/Kenney clawing back millions from the provinces to fund their Job Grant corporate welfare handout plan, in which the ignorant government conspires with self-interested corporations to use tax dollars for whatever the hell they want. By the time this boondoggle in the making is over, we’ll no doubt find the funds were used to “train” foreign workers. Or to offset the fee employers now pay to bring them in.  The Job Grant will be just one more corporate subsidy, ripe for abuse.

After all, Jason Kenney himself said he would minimize red tape so as not to impede corporations using the funds as they see fit.

On a related note:

Canadian income data ‘is garbage’ without census, experts say

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20 per cent increase in fantasy middle-class family income makes complete fiction, say critics

Harper is hoping….

…this weenie January surplus, achieved by gutting programs, services and protections, will lull us to sleep and erase in our minds…

  • the deficit he created months before the recession,
  • the recession he denied was happening after it hit,
  • the senate scandals,
  • the $50M no paper trail gazebo and fake lake to help Tony get re-elected
  • the billion dollar G8 weekend,
  • the crushing of environmental regulations protecting our water bodies,
  • the firing of top scientists
  • the gutting of Environment Canada
  • the end of the mandatory long-form census whose data is instrumental in understanding population trends
  • CPC election fraud every election,
  • his appointing Arthur Porter (who faces a long prison sentence) to head our security agency,
  • the three crooked senators he appointed,
  • his appointment of Vic Toews who called Canadians “pedophile enablers” for not supporting his warrantless spy on Canadians bill (the one the Supreme Court crushed)
  • his attempt to undermine the Supreme Court of Canada’s independence
  • the illegal cheque his Chief of Staff wrote for Duffy,
  • his ballooning of the PM security budget,
  • his ballooning of the HoC,
  • his 1500 PMO staffers who troll threads and newspapers
  • his ill-treatment of veterans,
  • his needless airlifting of limos to India at a huge expense
  • his attempt to spy on all of us without a warrant,
  • his fascist rewriting of the elections act,
  • and all the sundry crimes and incompetence of his useless “death by a thousand cold cuts” cabinet.

The above is just the tip of the iceberg that should bring down Harper’s government.