Essence of Majority Steve. A little dab ‘ll do ya.

Since the 2011 election we’ve seen a marked difference between Majority Stephen Harper and Minority Stephen Harper. One of these Steves pretended to be a moderate. Its not the Steve we’re seeing now.

Majority Steve has…

  1. Signed free trade agreements with some of the worst dictators in the world.  Columbia, Morocco, Honduras, …  And he is continuing a flurry of signings without so much as a pause.  “All this negotiating goes on against the backdrop of a $33 million budget cut for the Department of International Trade.” (iPolitics)  Used to be the powers that be at least pretended to consider the consequences for Canadian sovereignty, Canadian resources, and the quality of life; but Harper is more corporate lobbyist than Prime Minister.
  2. Authorized the use of intelligence obtained through torture, which essentially gives countries that routinely torture the nod. (Canadian Maher Arar, tortured in Syria, must be thrilled).
  3. Drafted a bill (C30) designed to create a virtual police state in Canada. Vic Toews, a teen babysitter-impregnating, fraud convicted, family values conservative and then the Minister of Public Safety in charge of this bill, called Canadians who opposed it “pedophile supporters”.  Harper hasn’t uttered one word about Toews’ generalized slander.
  4. Revised the definition of terrorist threat to include citizens who oppose oil pipelines and people who protest any G8 event.  Harper labels such people “anti-capitalists”.
  5. Plans for a much expanded CSIS and $19 billion prisons Canada doesn’t need.
  6. Continuously ignores evidence from the Pentagon that the F-35 jets are a boondoggle in the making.  Misrepresented the cost of the F-35s to Parliament and the Canadian public.
  7. Has decided China is a role model for state capitalism. Human rights advocacy is so yesterday.
  8.  Reduced corporate tax rates AGAIN, while raising taxes & premiums for the middle class.
  9. Raised the eligibility age for OAS (and GIS received by the poorest seniors) to 67 from 65, despite evidence from the Parliamentary Budget Office that there is no crisis in any of the public pension plans.
  10. Torched and dumped centuries of priceless, irreplaceable environmental archives, because heaven forbid science get in the way of the oil and gas industry polluting Canada’s environment.
  11.  Permits Tory backbenchers to run wild at the mouth about everything from abortion to the death penalty.  When Justin Trudeau poked fun at Toews for calling Canadians pedophile enablers, he was chastized, but Larry Miller calling the opposition Nazis for supporting gun control got a big pass.

None of the above (which represent the tip of the dirty CONberg) were mentioned once during his 2011 robofraud-plagued campaign.

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