A brief history of Conservative election fraud is a long read

Federal judge confirms conservative election fraud in 2011 vote

The courts have confirmed that the robocalls were election fraud,and that these crimes were committed using the Conservative Party of Canada’s database, CIMS.

Fraudulent election calls traced to Edmonton firm with Tory links.

At least 14 election ridings blitzed with live calls from fake Liberals (conservatives impersonating liberals).

Conservatives’ ‘in-and-out’ scandal was a Canadian political scandal involving improper election spending on the part of the Conservative Party of Canada during the closely contested 2006 federal election. Parliamentary hearings into the issue led to a deadlocking of various committees, and then to the snap election in 2008. On March 6 2012, charges were dropped as part of a plea deal in which the Conservative Party of Canada and its fundraising arm pleaded guilty to exceeding election spending limits and submitting fraudulent election records, and agreed to repay $230,198.00 for its role in violating Canadian election spending laws.

Investigation of Conservative ‘in-and-out’ money-laundering scheme cost taxpayers $2.3-million

Disgraced Tory minister Peter Penashue launches by-election campaign after stepping down under a cloud over illegal campaign donations accepted in 2011. Harper supported his re-election bid.

Dean Del Mastro, Tory MP and a senior member of Harper’s cabinet is facing four charges in connection with allegations that he exceeded his campaign spending limit and filed a false accounting of the expenses incurred to win office in the 2008 federal election.

Elections watchdog says Ted Opitz exceeded campaign limit in 2008

Conservative Vic Toews plead guilty to election overspending in Manitoba in 1999. Despite his criminal conviction, Harper made him Minister of Public Safety and put him in charge of security.

The Conservative Party under Stephen Harper has never run a clean election campaign in any election. Stephen Harper is rewriting Canada’s Elections Act to prohibit the Chief Elections Officer from educating Canadians about voter rights.

A vote for Stephen Harper’s party is a vote against law, order, and democracy.

2 responses

    • Faithful conservative “looks forward” to four more years of Harper, directly below a long list of Harper-government crimes. Precious.

      Apparently your political support isn’t guided by ethics, conditions or standards. Most people would have the sense to keep their blatant hypocrisy quiet. The better ones might even feel a twinge of shame, but not you.

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