“Unrecognizable” means a complete makeover

“You won’t recognize Canada when I get
through with it.”
~Stephen Harper May 5, 2006

When Harper said Canada would cease to be recognizable when he got through with it, no one asked him how come, or how so, or what’s wrong with Canada.  No one asked him what he would change and why he would change it.

“Unrecognizable” means a complete makeover. So why didn’t anyone ask him what was wrong with Canada that it needed to be dismantled and reconstructed.

And if you recall, in 2006, Harper promised his party was reasonable, that he was a moderate. There was no “hidden agenda.”

I don’t recall Harper mentioning in any of his election campaigns plans to spy on Canadians, reform eligibility requirements for OAS, lay off  hundreds of top scientists and burn 20 years of public science research, gut data services, cancel the long form mandatory census, deny veterans pensions and disability benefits, gut the laws that protected Canada’s water bodies for 100 years, rewrite the elections act to make voting harder for disenfranchised groups and prevent the Elections Chief from speaking about voters rights. Harper mentioned none of these plans, all of which are extreme, not moderate changes.

You won’t recognize Canada when I get through with it.”   Is threatening language.

“But nobody seemed to notice and nobody seemed to care.” ~George Carlin

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