More election violations surface

Tories may have broken 2011 election rules with US Republican campaigners in Ontario

Front Porch Strategies, a Republican-tied U.S. firm, was hired by 14 Conservative campaigns to go door-to-door during the 2011 election; an apparent violation of the Canada Election Act which bars foreign political involvement.

This speaks volumes about the alleged – by Harper et al – grassroots popularity of reform Conservatives. They have to import foreign wingnuts because there is an insufficient number here to campaign for them?

Although Front Porch has not been linked to any illegal phone calls or robocalls made in the last election, citizens in both Fantino and Dykstra’s ridings have reported irregularities in the campaigns. Those allegations include reported misleading calls in Dykstra’s riding (St. Catherines).

Under the Canada Elections Act section 331 (Non-interference by Foreigners), it is illegal for a non-resident to directly participate in election campaigns in Canada:

“No person who does not reside in Canada shall, during an election period, in any way induce electors to vote or refrain from voting or vote or refrain from voting for a particular candidate unless the person is (a) a Canadian citizen; or (b) a permanent resident.”

If the violation was intentional, the offence carries a summary conviction, according to the Act.


[Front Porch] and its staff have numerous ties to Republican election campaigns, as well as Evangelical Christian groups and anti-abortion campaigns in the U.S.

The firm boasts a number of GOP congressional election campaigns under its belt.

Read the whole shameful story.

One response

  1. This is about Electoral Grooming ..
    and who to hire if you want to get into the game .. uh .. participate eh !

    I’m wondering how most Canadians, those traditional hewers of wood and bearers of water as Stephen Harper describes us.. feel about American’s like Front Porch Strategies founder, Mr. Mathew Parker.. (state of the art fully stealth masked and spoofed robo calling among other leading edge election services) coming up here to Canada during a Federal Election .. proud and loud that The Lord has blessed him in his career. And just jumping right into inspired electoral volunteering.. praise the Lord .. as soon as he was boots on the ground in Battleground Vaughn, Ontario… Rolling up his sleeves and getting right into helping out with all of us Canadians y’know .. and our vote.

    I’d feel blessed.. if he never set foot in this country again, without a note from his mommy.. and never spoke to another Canadian again. I can only dare to think of how a Christian and loyal to the bone American, like him, or any American for that matter, would feel about me coming into his county and being proactive & banging on doors during an American Federal Election.

    Well, obviously this was more than A-OK .. actually it was really special with about 14 Federal Conservative Candidates. Stephen Harper and Dean Del Mastro, Dykstra and 11 other candidates all forgot for a while or completely.. that they had hired and paid Parker’s firm. But they must have at some point been at least partially awake, alert, responsible enough that they managed conversation, fees and terms etc with Mr Parker’s firm. There are invoices I’m sure…
    And.. hellfire n brimestone ! Every damn one of them won ! All 14 !!

    Oh Come On … !!!

    There is a clear reason why Front Porch Strategies is a ‘preferred supplier or vendor’ to 14 candidates or incumbents.. plus The Harper Government.. or The New Conservative Party.. or to what was once known as The Government of Canada.. and all those separate Riding Associations. They’re good.. Damn good !!! They deliver !!
    Will they get the contract to ‘manage and groom’ up n comers in Canadian Universities ? Or will they be hired to ‘mentor’ Canadians in the acquisition of their evangelical ideology, political skills sets and strategy advances?
    We dunno ….

    An explanation re this bizarre stunt by a loose cannon yankee zealot Election firm
    via an identified client, uh .. how about PM Harper .. or all 14..
    would be much appreciated by all Canadians, I’m sure.
    So.. Steve ? Dean ..? Anyone there ? C’mon you Fab Fourteen that hired them..
    Talk to us.. we’re listening…
    real curious about successful ‘Electoral Grooming’ and how to get away with it ..

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