If it roboquacks like a duck…

If it looks like a duck, walks like a duck, roboquacks like a duck, and the phone number belongs to the duck…chances are it’s the Duck.

Species: Tory.


One response

  1. The evil genie is out of the bottle .. and our elections will likely never recover from the toxic spill. If we want to enact new electoral laws forbidding any phone/cyber electioneering while we attempt to clean this up, who would we look to that could & would ensure this?. The current government and Prime Minister Stephen Harper? Its simple.. if children are blowing off their fingers and endangering others while playing with dynamite, you take the dynamite out of their hands.. and then you go looking for who gave them the dynamite. What group or faction or movement sees a Conservative majority government as necessary to facilitate or enhance their agenda? Big Oil ? Yes. Big War? Big Money? Yes. Big Religion ? Yes. What entity or belief is embedded and invested in the New Conservative Party from the very top, right down to the volunteer level in electoral ridings yet cannot be voted out of office or shamed.. and provides complete deniability? Aside from political connection, what faction or belief is clearly connected (yet fire-walled) to the majority of government ‘Ministers’ and the majority of Federal MP’s? We can ‘follow the money’, the smell of oil .. the blustering denials till the cows come home.. but this has the smack of distorted religious fervor to it.. and a ‘higher calling’ than simple smarmy partisan political pranking. I ask the simple question again. If this vote suppression was not directed/enacted by the New Conservative Party, though obviously they have benefitted.. than who else is next in line.. or indeed stands to believe they would benefit even more? Any experienced detective would quickly review the facts, identify the ‘players’ .. and start turning them against each other. With so many loathsome weasels, the ‘turning’ will not come hard.

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