The war on Canadian women begins, a year after Harper promised not to wage one

Not to be outdone by US Republicans, Canada’s fundamentalist Tories will hold an abortion debate in the House of Commons in April, one year after Harper promised never to have one.

In April 2011, during the election campaign, Stephen Harper promised not to reopen the abortion debate.

A Conservative government won’t allow the abortion debate to be reopened in Parliament, because it’s “not the priority of the Canadian people,” Conservative Leader Stephen Harper said Thursday.

Apparently his majority is not about keeping promises to the electorate but of fulfilling the ideological need of a few old white men to control the wombs of Canadians.

A controversial proposal from a Conservative backbencher to legally define fetuses as human beings — and reopen the abortion debate — will have its day in the House of Commons.

Tory MP Stephen Woodworth wants Parliament to create a committee of politicians whose task it will be to review a law that stops short of defining unborn children as “human beings.”

A committee of MPs has agreed to give Woodworth at least one hour of debate sometime in April. He will receive a second hour of debate sometime either in late spring or early fall.

If parliamentarians agree to Woodworth’s request, a special committee would review Section 223 of the Criminal Code, which says a child becomes “a human being . . . when it has completely proceeded, in a living state, from the body of its mother.”

That section of the Criminal Code says a homicide on a child happens when someone “causes injury to a child before or during its birth as a result of which the child dies after becoming a human being.”

Just when you thought it couldn’t get worse than the worst election fraud any western democracy has ever seen, we have this idiocy to worry about. And if the vicious attack on women in the US is any indication, we should not make light of this or pretend it’s going to go away after Old Fogie is through with his hour of preaching. God help us, we are just shy of being Oklahoma .

I definitely want to know who sits on “the committee of MPs” agreeing to reopening the abortion debate. It had better not be members of the opposition.

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  1. Woodworth said his proposal will be wrapped up in the emotions that surround the abortion debate, but he doesn’t intend to back down even though his own party has said the government has no interest in reopening the abortion debate.

    “The prime minister and justice minister have to speak for themselves. I don’t take any issue with any statement that the government won’t reopen this debate,” he said.

    “I’m acting as a private member.”

    Oh I get it. Stephen Harper is opening the abortion debate. Except he isn’t, and this ONE member of Parliament who wants to do this acknowledges his government’s disinterest in the topic.

    Goddamn….talk about grasping at straws.

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  3. I get where your coming from, but the title of this post is very misleading. In that Ottawa Citizen article, the guy says he’s acting as a private member. He’s essentially an extremist who does not represent the entirety of the Conservative Party in any respect. I’ll bet when that hour of debate comes around, he’ll be shot down before his hour’s up.

    • The MP is not sitting as an independent. No one who speaks as a member of any political party acts as a private member, regardless of how they might spin it. Secondly, Harper is himself an evangelical Christian who is against abortion. He is happy to let the backbencher raise the issue to test the waters. If and when a backlash hits, Harper can still appear to be unaffected and make his usual reassurances to the Canadian public. You know, like the ones he made about the pensions he promised he would leave alone and hasn’t. Thirdly, what moderate party allows extremists to be part of it. The current CPC is a party of extremists. I should think their outright unapologetic support of asbestos mining, torture, limitless warrantless spying on Canadians, the election fraud, proroguing of parliament, and other egregious shite makes that quite evident.

  4. So glad we’re advancing towards back-alley abortions again, North America. Real step forward for the first world.

    Hope parliament will enjoy the additional thousands of women in hospitals due to uterine infections caused by unsanitary abortions, because their ickle wee government won’t allow them to remedy their mistake in the respectable fashion they deserve for making the decision to not permanently hinder their own lives with yet another human that will put even more strain on our earth. It’s gonna be fun for all!

  5. Please don’t refer to this as “The war on women” because not only is that offensive to trans people or cisgendered woman who can’t get pregnant but this issue affects everybody. We should bee calling this the war on “poor people” because that is exactly what it is. When these unwanted babies are born they will not only effect their mothers lives but everyone around from the father (even if they refuse support) to family to friends of the mother. This is a community issue. The reason why the crime rate is so low is because these unwanted kids are not being born. Some of these unwanted kids will grow up to be criminals since they will be raised in environments that are not prepared or even want them. And in turn these unwanted kids will hurt and harm others and cause a drag on our justice system.
    And you fucking know that most of these conservative dick bags that are against abortion have multiple mistresses and if they get pregnant they will use their wealth to pay off some doctor to abort those kids.
    This is not a woman issue. This is a everybody issue.

  6. so does that mean that miscarriages and stillbirths are manslaughter? This is simply ridiculous… time to up the ante in terms of resistance.

  7. Actually we had better have members of the opposition on that committee, someone has to keep an eye on the wingnuts and expose their mediaevel pronouncements.

  8. The ONLY debate on abortion that I want to hear are ones involving women who have had abortions. Until then, the impact on the actual victims is hearsay. If we find out from these women that it is, indeed, damaging to them; the solution isn’t to remove/add/altar the law.

    It should still be a woman’s choice, but if there is this much concern, options to consider would be: increased education, and taking a long, hard look at our societies that bring fear to a woman that she feels she has to kill her child, in utero.

  9. I am a Canadian woman, and this topic is very important to me. But could we please, please also remember not to take our eye off the election fraud, the F35 mess, and everything else that is going on that could bring down the Harper government?

    This debate will be crucial, but it is one of many crucial issues regarding this terrible, terrible government. We have to remember that.

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