Stephen Harper’s Minister of Gazebos issues Gag Order on Spending Cuts

Tony Clement, by all accounts a completely untrustworthy politician – having pilfered $50 million from a G8 fund to buy himself some votes in his riding, and lied about it – is the President of the Treasury Board.

There is no one senior to him within the TB. Tony reports to Prime Minister Harper.

This week, the Treasury Board issued a gag order on government spending cuts.

The information hit the media.

A public backlash ensued.

Tony says ‘It’s wasn’t me, eh?’

The Conservative minister in charge of federal spending restraint is distancing himself from his own department’s edict that details of what gets cut be kept secret for months after the 2012 budget is released.

Treasury Board President Tony Clement said that, after reading about the memo on The Globe and Mail’s website Thursday, he was investigating why it had been issued to all federal departments.


The minister has recently delivered several speeches on the importance of “open government” and financial transparency. He acknowledged that message would be at odds with a clampdown on information about spending cuts.

“If that were the case, I would be crushed by the irony. But that is not the case,” he said.

This impossibly narcissistic criminal imbecile deserves nothing less than to be crushed by the irony.


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