This week, Stephen Harper’s Public Safety Minister calls millions of Canadians pedophile supporters

Vic Toews Suggests Those Who Question New Surveillance Law Are Supporting Pedophiles Ottawa Citizen, Feb 13/12

If you question federal plans to make it easier for police and Canada’s intelligence agencies to conduct electronic surveillance on Canadians, get ready to be branded a supporter of pedophiles and child pornographers.

The government is reintroducing legislation that would expand online monitoring powers. There are concerns that the bill(s) would undercut an individual’s right to privacy.

Privacy Commissioner Jennifer Stoddart has pointed out that the bills (there are three of them) are problematic. There are worries they would create problems since it would allow authorities access to Internet subscriber information without having to get a warrant.

I am deeply angered and offended by this shameless bullying tactic, a signature strategy of  the Harper government. Characterizing opponents of  a highly invasive warrantless domestic spy program as pedophile and child pornographer supporters is beyond the pale!

I’ve long realized the Harper crowd doesn’t care who it offends, but here’s something Toews did not consider before he slandered millions of Canadian citizens.  Some have been victims of sexual predators.

I will state right up front I am one such person. There are millions like me.

And yet I, as do many other DECENT PEOPLE, vehemently oppose the Tory plan to snoop through all of our emails, trace our web site histories, and god knows what else, on a whim, WITHOUT A WARRANT.

The one thing all abuse victims understand is having their boundaries violated by self-absorbed,  disgusting people who do whatever they please for their own gratification and our human rights be damned.  Oh, and they always manage to rationalize their egregious acts, too.

(See what I did there, Minister Toews?  Turned the tables on you didn’t I.  How does that feel?)

Mr. Toews should be ashamed of himself.

Let’s just call what he wants to do virtual molestation, of a kind totalitarian states engage in to control, intimidate and scare populations. And as we all know, the new Tory crime bill imposes stiffer sentences for pot plant growers than pedophiles so who is it that supports pedophiles again?

The police have the means to trap and catch pedophiles. Their biggest challenge is very likely a lack of funding. But give it up for Toews. He wants his police state and he wants it now and if you don’t agree with him he’ll associate you with pedophiles.

See Transparency, surveillance, and the vile Vic Toews. The Harper government “wants to keep the work of parliamentary committee meetings a secret from Canadians” as it moves ahead with plans to spy on Canadian citizens.

NB:  I vowed when I started this blog to avoid commenting on stories.  This blog’s purpose is twofold: to track and catalog events and to let the actions of our government tell the story.  By and large the events speak volumes and very little needs to be added.  And others (see blogroll) do a wonderful job of analyzing the effects and consequences.  However, this Toews outburst I couldn’t let rest. It is just too easy for people to be cowed by such bullying and when I see it, I intend to confront it. I hope we all find the courage within ourselves to shame the idiots.


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  1. I’ve only recently discovered your blog, so have only read this post now. I wanted to say congratulations and thank you for this post, especially. I, too, am disgusted by both the surveillance bill and Toews’ abusive and offensive statements. I, too, am a survivor of a pedophile. Putting those two together… infuriating!!! Yes, sometimes you do have to shout. 🙂

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